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Two-way acrylic mirrors

For smart or infinity mirror creators

$99 for a limited time only

First time building a smart mirror? We got you covered.

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Our warehouse is located in Toronto, Canada


"This is the third time I tried to buy a two-way mirror and it finally its the right one. This brand has great light transmittance which is the biggest problem on all the rest."

Stephano Chang from Vancouver, BC

"First of all, I couldn't believe how hard it was to find this in Canada, they were $200+ to ship from the US. Thank you so much for supplying these mirrors."

Musa Faruqui from Waterloo, ON

"Great mirror and price, was perfect for my tablet setup, and I cut it to make two"

Jayla Fung from Peterborough, ON

"Great product. Fast delivery. Exactly as described. Finished off my smartmirror project nicely. Pleasure to do business with. I also had trouble finding this product in Canada so it was great to source it locally at a reasonable price."

Diego from Coquitlam, BC