Two-way Acrylic Mirror
Two-way Acrylic Mirror
Two-way Acrylic Mirror
fits any 24" mirror

Two-way Acrylic Mirror

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Exact Dimensions:  (355mm X 560mm X 2mm, 20% light transmittance)

So thin, content shines

If you're making a smart mirror, you want the content to show clearly. We've worked closely with manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the mirror down to only 2mm.


With a very thin mirror, strength of the materials matter. We use the best acrylic materials, which enables the mirror to absorb pressure safely when you end up bumping into it.

Highly Reflective

You need a thin mirror so that the content from the screen behind it is easily visible. But you also want a mirror to be a mirror, so we made sure it does that well using a specific light transmittance ratio of 20%.

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